Air Filtration Systems

Moyair (Pty) Ltd are suppliers of compressor air filtration systems in South Africa.

Housing and Air Filter Benefits:

Keltec-Technolab Compressed Air Housings

  • Die Cast Aluminium Housings
  • Anti-corrosion coated
  • Differential Pressure Indicator to Eliminate the Guesswork of Element Replacement
  • Rated for 16 Bar and 80ºC
  • Thread is BSP Screw Female
  • Each housing contains only one element
  • Air Filters can be changed by hand – no special tools required
  • Simple to identify
  • The products are manufactured as per the British Pressure Standards PD5500:2000


Keltec-Tecnolab Coalescing Air Filters

  • Exceptional heat tolerance
  • Excellent flow characteristics
  • Inner and outer spiral helix formed tube for maximum pressure resistance as well as support
  • Drain (Sponge) Layer is compatible will all common mineral or synthetic compressor lubricants
  • Glue compounds are also compatible with common oils
  • Corrosion Resistant end caps
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